McMemories: Part Two

2 Apr

I’ll resign to the fact that I’m not a kid anymore, so maybe I don’t know (quiet, wife!), but McDonald’s seems to be less fun than it was before. Everyone remembers going to McDonald’s as a kid. Most everyone remembers playing in the ball pit filled with grapefruit-sized multicolored balls that, for some reason, actually smelled […]

McMemories: Part One

1 Apr

I can remember when going to McDonald?s was a treat. I can remember, growing up, that it wasn’t uncommon for the family to sit at the dinner table. Nowadays if the parents tell the kids, ?Your Mom cooked and we are all going to sit at the table to have dinner.? The kids think that their parents […]

Everything Changes When You Have A Kid, Part 2

9 Feb

Having a kid is everything you’ve heard, and more. Prepare accordingly by reading up on the changes you weren’t expecting. For the previous list of things that change, see last week’s post. This week, the list continues with 1. Watching what you want to watch on TV Just so you know, there is no more […]

Food Network, How I Miss Thee

5 Feb

To my long lost love, Oh my sweet, how I miss thee. Just a few years ago everything was great; we were together all the time. I would hang out on the couch for hours on my day off and watch you cook for me. You were some of my favorite people. I felt a […]

Everything Changes When You Have a Kid

2 Feb

  Everything changes when you have a kid. There is no getting around it. Everyone tells you that your life will be forever altered and will never be the same again, but I am here to tell you that being a parent is nothing like you think it is going to be. I know movies […]

Seven Ways You Know You Went to Holy Ghost In The 80s and 90s: Part 2

27 Nov

Today we will discuss the Seven More Ways You Know You Went to Holy Ghost In The 80s and 90s:   1. You remember having splinters in your thighs from sitting on the fair stage waiting your turn to embarrass yourself in front of your relatives in the annual fair performance. It’s not that the […]

Seven Ways You Know You Went to Holy Ghost In The 80s and 90s: Part 1

21 Nov

Today we will discuss the Top Seven Ways You Know You Went to Holy Ghost In The 80s and 90s:   1.  You remember Free Dress Fridays if you sold a book of raffle tickets. But honestly did anyone really try to sell to strangers? I feel most of us didn’t sell to anyone but our […]

Laws That Will Give You the Blues

28 Jun

  What are blue laws and how did they come about? Remember when you got invited to your friend’s Super Bowl party and you wanted to be nice and impress them by bringing a nice bottle of scotch; but you forgot until the day of the big game? I hope you don’t live in one […]

Desert Island Soundtrack: Song #1 – Stevie Wonder

22 May

We often bring up a certain question to random people that make their way into our circle of friends, “If you could bring 10 songs with you on a desert island to listen over and over forever, what would they be?” It is a tough question. Many people, especially ones who listen to and enjoy […]

What the hell is that smell!?

22 Dec

Christmas time is a time of giving. Whether you give gifts because of those magic men, the Magi (some people call them wise, or oriental, even kings, well any way those guys) or because of the Roman feast of Saturnalia or even just because you know someone else is going to buy you something and […]