What the hell is that smell!?

22 Dec

Christmas time is a time of giving. Whether you give gifts because of those magic men, the Magi (some people call them wise, or oriental, even kings, well any way those guys) or because of the Roman feast of Saturnalia or even just because you know someone else is going to buy you something and […]

Gay, Gay, Gay Jack

19 Dec

I do not watch reality television so it should not surprise you that I just recently learned of a show called Duck Dynasty. As far as I can tell the show is about a bunch of people who worship ducks or something like that. Recently the star of the show, Phil Robertson, made some remarks […]

JT & Jeff – Drink This Crown [Official Food Booth Jam Video]

30 Nov

Top 5 Foods for Thanksgiving Dinner

23 Nov

  So, I was told by my editor that I need to start making more posts that were lists.  And since my last Thanksgiving rant was such a hit I decided I was going to list my top five favorite things to eat at Thanksgiving; but of course with one caveat, I have to mention […]

Was Life Better Back Then?

9 Oct

  Some people thought the future would look like EPCOT concept art… But soon realized that the America they love is being turned into an infernal hellscape that is ruining children… I recently I got this email from someone about the decline of the school system. But it was not what you think. It wasn’t […]

The Hole Story About Chickens and Eggs

2 Oct

Recently, a co-worker told me that she has some yard birds and that, due to an egg surplus, she could bring me some fresh eggs.  So she brought a couple of dozen up to work for all of us to split.  And this past time when she brought up a few dozen eggs, one of […]

NFL: Not For Ladies

23 Sep

It is becoming abundantly clear to me that the people running the NFL clearly (pun intended) want the fans to stop going to the games. Beside the fact that they are overpaying the players, which in turn makes them overcharge on tickets and concessions, they also want the experience to be as uncomfortable and shitty […]

Hey, remember that? pt. 7

31 Aug

Hey remember encyclopedias? No I don’t mean encyclopedia.com and no spell-check I didn’t mean Wikipedia, I was talking about those huge door stops that were good for killing bugs, helping little kids sit at the big table and, oh yeah, looking up information on a subject… but not all subjects… and not all information on […]

Deer Season! Douche Season!

16 Jul

Imagine if you will: You wake up one morning face down in a bed that has sheets that are way too itchy to be yours; and something smells kind of funny. You turn your head to see an alarm clock but it’s not yours. Where are you? What happened? The last thing you remember you […]

The Entitlement Society

5 Jun

I’m so fed up with the entitled attitude that people in this country walk around with. It’s similar to that “we’re Americans so the rest of the world can kiss it” attitude JT ranted about. These entitled people aren’t just annoying. They are sucking this country dry.  From welfare queens to the #Occupy Wall Street […]