The Entitlement Society

5 Jun

...not the whole thing just a piece.

…not the whole thing just a piece.

I’m so fed up with the entitled attitude that people in this country walk around with. It’s similar to that “we’re Americans so the rest of the world can kiss it” attitude JT ranted about. These entitled people aren’t just annoying. They are sucking this country dry.  From welfare queens to the #Occupy Wall Street movement these people are taking over and bringing the hard-working, tax-paying citizens down with them.

We're safe, unless they form some drum circles.

We’re safe, unless they form some drum circles.

Lets start with the occupy movement. They were seriously all upset at the “1%”.  Wait a second, you mean to tell me that a group of people worked hard, accumulated wealth, and are now paying an effective tax rate that is almost double what the average American pays are evil people because they are rich?  Several occupy movement leaders talked about “student loan forgiveness”. Wait, you can’t pay back your student loans after receiving you liberal arts degree and now you want the taxpayers to foot the bill for your idiotic degree choice?  Sounds good, #occupy. Maybe if you people could have avoided committing hundreds of crimes while protesting somebody may have taken you seriously. Ehhh most likely not.

I hear a Horticultural Degree from Harvard is quilted and two ply.

I hear a Horticultural Degree from Harvard is quilted and two ply.

Let’s move on to the life long leaches. I’m talking about the person that will receive government-funded healthcare from birth to death.  The person that will use food stamps to purchase their Funyuns. The person that will literally train their children to act like they have ADHD to collect a check. And after receiving all these free goods and services they will still complain if their prescription isn’t ready in 10 minutes or if a certain gas station doesn’t accept EBT cards. They feel like they are entitled to all of these free things and they better come easy. Anybody that has ever tried to explain what a prior authorization is to the lady with the white t-shirt that keeps her money in her bra will understand exactly what I’m talking about. A argument broke out in my health and lifestyles class last semester over food stamps. The professor asked if we thought the government should force food stamp recipients to only purchase healthy foods because we are more than likely footing the bill for their healthcare as well. One young food stamp recipient claimed that “that’s like giving me a Walmart gift certificate and telling me what I can buy with it”. I did not engage in an argument with this ignorant girl but my response would have been “No, it’s like the government forcing me to give you a Walmart gift certificate and you buying unhealthy foods causing you to be unhealthy then the government forcing me to pay for your diabetes treatment that was brought on by those unhealthy foods I was forced to buy for you”.   These people are disgraceful.

Lobster and steak!? Delicious!

Lobster and steak!? Delicious!

But the most disgraceful group of entitled people are the politicians. Mainly members of the House, the Senate, and our 2 most recent presidential administrations (Bush/Obama), with the latter being worse, which I didn’t think was possible. These people think that they are above the regular people in this country. They think they know better. Example: the vast majority of Americans were against Obamacare.  So what does this administration and our congress do?  Too bad, bitches, you are getting it anyway.   The best part is that Congress and the administration are exempt from the bill. It’s good enough for the public, but not the kings and queens that make up our 3 branches of government. The recent gun bill was voted down by congress. This administration is looking at using an executive order to force through the agenda. Again, the VAST majority of people against it. Too bad, you get it anyway.  We are limiting your guns, but of course our armed guards can carry these weapons to protect us. Man, I despise politicians.

entitled politicians

The good thing is that I know modern day Americans. They’ll continue to vote in the same ole people. They’ll continue to allow their children to think big brother owes them something. They’ll keep allowing Uncle Sam to rob the rich to pay for the lazy. Well, actually, rob the average citizen to pay for the lazy. This attitude is making us more and more like Europe every day. Well, we will be like Europe but we’ll be China’s bitch. Learn to eat with chop sticks, people. Good thing I like fried rice.

Did you know that most wasabi in your restaurants is actually European horseradish because its cheaper and your American ass doesn't know the difference.

Did you know that most wasabi in your restaurants is actually European horseradish because its cheaper and your American ass doesn’t know the difference.

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  1. Matt June 12, 2013 at 4:12 pm #

    While I do agree with a good portion of this, I do disagree about one thing. I disagree with your view of the student loan forgiveness. As a person who will be coming out of school with a sizable debt, I might seem slightly biased. The reason why student loan forgiveness would be a good thing is that when people get out of school they are under so much debt that you cannot help build the economy by doing things such as buying a house, buying a car, or starting your own business. If student loans were forgiven (even partially) then you would see college and professional school graduates actually putting money back into the economy. And in the long run, student loans would be repaid with room to spare. So the American people would actually experience a gain because there would be more taxable revenue.

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